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From Our Daughter Aya

I’m so sorry about the restaurant. If we all work together quickly and maturely I think we may be able to open it soon. I know it was a bad time as Halloween and Christmas are both coming closer, but in our family we always believe in each other and never give up. We also stay strong no matter what happens.I hope we can open it soon even better than before. Thanks god that no body was hurt. If you need anything I will be here because this means a lot too me as well as everyone else. I will always support you no matter what.

Best of luck,
Your daughter Aya xx

Dear Mum & Dad

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope its all well with your biggest restaurant burnt. I am very sorry of what happened to the restaurant as I would not even be able to imagine something I love get burnt for e.g. my pet cockatiel dyeing.

I also feel sorry for you as we had some great memories of the restaurant for e.g. the New Year and Christmas parties.

I also loved the restaurant as it has won so many awards and everyday after school my school bus stops next to the restaurant so I go there and eat something at the restaurant.

My friends and I hope you can open soon and make the restaurant even better.

Love From your youngest son,


From Our Son Hassan

Dear Mum and dad,

I am sorry for the loss of your restaurant. I know it is a difficult time for you at the moment and there is much stress and work ahead for you however you will always have our help and attention. South Wimbledon is not live without Aya and I hope for it to be recovered and fixed as soon as possible better than before.

Love from your son, Hassan






A Taste Of The Lebanon

From a Gourmet Chicken takeaway restaurant in 1994 to the Gourmet Express charcoal grill in 2000. Husband & wife team Ali & Amira invite you to their latest food adventure in South Wimbledon.

  • Private courtyard garden with hubbly bubbly pipes
  • Stunning imported authentic decor
  • Party atmosphere
  • Private functions & outside events catered for
  • Casual dress-down, family Sundays
  • Private conference area with BT Open Zone for business lunches.
Aya Food Awards Winner Best Restaurant 2014
Aya Food Awards Winner Best Family Friendly Restaurant 2014
Aya Food Awards Winner Best Takeaway Service 2014
Aya Food Awards Winner Best Restaurant 2013